Crispy Cod Filets

Cod is a classic white fish that can be prepared in a variety of ways. This recipe utilizes basic ingredients to create a crispy fried outer layer that will certainly spice up your cod fish.

Fettucini with Clams and Mussels

This dish is so simple yet full of flavor. If you love seafood, check out this recipe using everyday ingredients.

pasta bolognese

Exquisite Pasta Bolognese

Pasta Bolognese is a meaty sauce that is both rich and tender. Learn how to make this filling dish using simple ingredients!

chicken parmesan

Cheesy Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan is layered with cheese and tomato sauce (and then more cheese) to create a gooey and sensational meal. Learn how to make this classic dish at home using fresh ingredients.

Rich Tuscan Minestrone

Tuscan minestrone is the perfect soup after a long day. Learn how to make this hearty soup that is both meaty and delicious.

Fresh Zucchini Soup

Zucchini’s are a delicious vegetable jam-packed with nutrients. Learn how to create this plant based soup that is both savory and smooth.

Gooey Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan is the perfect combination of veggies and cheese thrown together to make a slice of heaven.

Succulent Italian Beef Goulash

This traditional Hungarian recipe has been adapted using Italian ingredients to create a mouth-watering meal that is sure to please.

Gourmet Lentil Soup

Lentils are an incredibly hearty legume that absorb the flavors in which they are combined. Learn how to make lentil soup that is sure to satisfy your hunger while delighting your taste buds!

Savory Risotto Milanese

If there’s one thing the Milanese (those from Milan, Italy) love the most, it’s risotto. Learn how to make this classic Northern region dish using delicious ingredients.

Delicious Seafood Pasta

Seafood pasta aka zuppa di pesce aka frutti di mare. There are so many names and ways of preparing this incredible dish.

Easy Margherita Pizza for Two

It’s time to cook a classic at-home pizza using 4 simple ingredients.


Crispy Cod Filets
Cod is a classic white fish that can be prepared in a …
Delicious Eggplant Caponata
Caponata or 'salad' can be made using any type of vegetable. But …
Buttery and Flaky Branzino
European sea bass (aka Branzino) is light, flaky and mildly sweet. It's …
Hearty Veggie Frittata
Frittata's are traditionally made with leftovers from the previous night's meal. That's …

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