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(2002) Danielle and her Zio Mimmo making pizza at his restaurant, Da Mimmo. This restaurant remains a staple in the northern hill town of Bergamo, Italy for over 50 years.

Ciao Danielle was founded by Danielle Amaddeo (she/her/hers) who combines classic Italian recipes that have been passed down from her family members with her own unique cooking style. Danielle has always been passionate about Italian food and has had experience cooking in Italy alongside her 101 year old grandmother for whom she is named after. She has learned the most about the joys of cooking with her father, who moved to the United States from Italy in 1983.

Classic Italian food shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating to cook. That’s why Ciao Danielle combines classic ingredients that make Italian food so good while staying conscious of current trends in healthy and sustainable food. Our recipes are passed down from generations of Italians who have perfected the craft.

Danielle currently resides in Bayonne, New Jersey and curates recipes for Ciao Danielle overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Her favorite Italian restaurants, bakeries and deli’s are all within Hudson County. Follow along on social media for recommendations on where to find the best imported ingredients.

Ciao Danielle remains a space to share recipes dedicated to igniting the Italian cook in all of us.

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