Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019

‘Balance for Better’ is this year’s IWD theme. This is a call for gender equality. Here’s how you can celebrate the day like the queen that you are:

1. Treat yourself to a wonderful meal with friends

Remember, you are beautiful. Don’t let anything influence your decisions today, do what you want to do and eat what you want to eat. It’s time to celebrate!

2. Dress exactly how you want, whether it’s fancy or casual. It’s our day, ladies.

3. Take up space.

Remember that women have fought for equality for a century and we’re still not done. Let yourself take up space today and realize how much confidence you can exude as a powerful woman.

4. Think about how far we’ve come, and what is left to be done for equality.

Taking the time to think about the amazing progress woman have had just in the last 50 years is pretty overwhelming. Reflect on how your experiences have changed over the years, what is left to be done?

5. Remind yourself that you are powerful, strong, and beautiful.

The media will always try to tear women down, don’t let them. Be your own strong person and remind yourself that you are an amazing woman.

6. Spread kindness to all who identify as a woman.

There’s strength in numbers, and we’re already dominating the Earth’s population. Be kind to one another, you never know who needs to hear it today. Even a small compliment can make a difference!

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