Why You Should Visit Dublin

Dublin, Ireland: a city of Irish beauty loaded in rich history, culture, boutique shopping, and the infamous Temple Bar District.

During my stay at the Norseman in Dublin, I was given two drink tickets for either a Guinness or a Bailey’s. This quaint little hotel was right in the heart of the Temple Bar District–the most famous in nightlife. The cobblestone streets were not made for heels, but that doesn’t stop anyone.

The Norseman was located a block from the River Liffey that splits Dublin in half. This river runs all the way to the Dublin Bay and is always sparkling blue.

Dame Street (pictured above) is a popular highway near Trinity College that separates the Temple Bar District from the shopping district.

Dublin’s Dame Street buildings can be quite ornate and beautiful, it makes the walking tourist experience very camera-worthy.

George’s Street Arcade is a beautiful quaint market that I stumbled upon during my trip. It features small shops with handmade items such as dinnerware, clothing, jewelry, and woodwork.

I bought this ring from a jeweler in George’s Street Arcade. It features the iconic Irish Claddagh symbol which represents love and loyalty. Also featuring Jameson Irish Whiskey because living like a local is the way to get the true Irish experience!

The cute boutique shops in Dublin CANNOT be ignored.

I posed in front of a florist shop after walking around Dublin’s quirky shopping district.

This pub named Alfie will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was named after this pooch featured here and reminded me so much of my pup, Alfonso. All in all, the bars in Dublin will serve you day or night and there is always a fun crowd to jump into!

My favorite bar in the Temple Bar District. The Auld Dubliner features live music every night of the week and the crowd LOVES it. Dancing and singing along, it’s a Dublin experience that everyone should get to have.

A visit to Dublin’s staple tourist attraction, the Guinness Storehouse, is a must-do while in Ireland. About a 20 minute walk from the Temple Bar District, this brewery is a marvelous look into the famous beer and how it’s made. The views from the observation deck at the top level feature a gorgeous rooftop look at the city of Dublin. You can purchase ‘skip the line’ tickets HERE at a 20% discount–it’s well worth it considering the lines during tourist season.

Every ticket bought for the Guinness Storehouse comes with a free beer. If Guinness isn’t your thing but you still want to take the tour, they have a light beer option seen above!

Dublin is a beautiful and exciting place for a vacation. Absorbing Irish culture while visiting Europe (but not having to learn another language) is a great experience. Living it up in the Temple Bar District and then taking tours of the Dublin Castle and kissing the Blarney Stone are all must-do’s while in Dublin!

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