The Essential Guide to Spontaneous Travel

The exhilaration of booking a trip can relax a busy mind.

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When we travel, we can relax and enjoy our time on Earth. Traveling allows us to live in the moment and choose exactly how we want to spend our day. When we have something to look forward to, the anticipation can fill us with joy. This burst of energy can be just the feeling you need to get through challenging situations or an overly static work environment.
So, here’s why you should consider spontaneous travel:

It’s a quick decision

Just go. When you decide to spontaneously travel, your mind will fill with doubt. But if you simply click “Book Now,” that’s it. You’re on your way to a new destination. Spending weeks contemplating the perfect hotel and searching and searching again for the best prices is only going to boost your rates (and they might track you to raise your rates). A benefit of spontaneous travel is choosing everything quickly and efficiently. The closer you book a flight the cheaper it actually becomes (we all know airlines need to fill seats closer to departure dates!).

It can be therapeutic

When placed out of your comfort zone your true colors can finally blossom. There’s no better way to transcend your mind than by diving head first into a new setting. It can be healing and peaceful or adventurous and life-changing. You’ll never know until you try.

No schedule? No problem.

Structure is good, but so is change. When our lives become engulfed in our schedules, we can begin to feel overwhelmed. The best way to challenge your mind to a fresh start is by ditching your schedule and traveling for YOU. When traveling, turn your schedule into a blank slate. Taking a break from schedules will allow you to clear your mind and enjoy your time off.

Change heeds new perspectives

In life, we’re constantly faced with new challenges. When we get stuck, we get frustrated and sometimes give up. If you’re facing challenges in your life, the best way to gain a new perspective is to take time away from your problems. This will allow you to come back with a new perspective and possible solutions to those problems.

It’s time to spend YOU time

How often do you take a moment to consider what YOU want out of YOUR life? Traveling is a great way to take ownership of your wants and needs. Spontaneous travel is meant to reflect what you want in the moment that you decide you want it. When you act quickly, you don’t give your brain the chance to consider all the negative possibilities. Instead, you select what you actually want to do. For those who don’t make a lot of decisions on their own, this is something to strongly consider. We all need time for ourselves, and traveling can be a chance for renewal.

When you decide to spontaneously travel, your mind can feel tangled, but your soul will thank you for trying something new.

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