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Cooking Italian food shouldn’t be intimidating. That’s why Ciao Danielle creates classic Italian meals that have been tested, perfected and categorized by difficulty. Danielle has personally made every recipe in the hopes that she can inspire others to love cooking. These carefully crafted recipes will add modern flair to any dinner party, social gathering, picnic, date night and more! Learn how to make Italian recipes that have been passed down throughout generations and revamped for the modern food lover.

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Hi, I’m Danielle. Half American, half Italian. I’ve grown up in a household that emphasizes the importance of natural ingredients, good company, and careful attention in the kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook and try new recipes which is why I’ve decided to dedicate this website to all of the recipes I’ve learned throughout my life from living in Italy, cooking with my relatives, and discovering new recipes all around la Repubblica Italiana. Read more

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